Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Interview with Joyce Stahl of Enchanted Productions...

Joyce Stahl is the imaginative artist behind the Ohio based
Enchancted Productions

Her unique art dolls can be found on eBay under the
eBay ID: villagegiftshoppe

How would you describe your work?
Well….the “little enchanted ones”, which is the term I affectionately use to refer to my dolls, have quite a hodgepodge of Halloween characteristics swirled together in their personalities. As I state on my blog, “Enchanted Productions… Where Everyone is a Little Sweet, A Little Spooky, Part Mischief and Part Macabre” describes them pretty well. “Sinisterly Sweet” and “Wickedly Warped” could also describe the little ones. Or, as a fellow artist once said, “They put a smile on your face, just before they bite”.

As a child, I absolutely loved the Addams Family television show, so I try to incorporate that same feeling of ooky, spooky, creepy, kooky fun into each doll that I create.

How long have you been creating Halloween-themed art?
Although I’ve been a professional artist for almost 20 years, I’ve only been creating the little enchanted ones for about 4 years.

What do you consider your greatest creative challenge?
Oooooo…this is a tough one! I have several! I would say that the most difficult challenge for me is keeping up with/and keeping track of the many ideas and characters that pop in and out of my head on a daily basis! Usually, before I’m finished with one….I have several more characters already planned out. That’s why I always keep a sketch book handy.

I also really struggle with keeping all of my fabrics, laces, trims, buttons, vintage jewelry and paints organized. I love going to flea markets, so there’s a constant, in coming flow of bits and pieces and do-dads to the studio. As hard as I try, I think this one will always be an ongoing battle.

What do you like most about being a member of EHAG?
Oh my…I LOVE being a member of EHAG! I am always in awe of the mega talent of my fellow members and each one is so inspiring to me as an artist. It’s such a treat to be able to come together with like minded artists and share our passion for Halloween.

What was your favorite childhood costume, and why?
My favorite childhood costume was of a witch….of course! Early on, I remember wearing those store bought witch costumes with the plastic mask. I really didn’t like those though. They were always stiff, uncomfortable and usually smelled funny too! Later (somewhere around the 3rd or 4th grade), I remember my Mom taking me to a second hand store where I spied a 1950’s, black chiffon evening gown! OMG…I fell in love with it and begged and pleaded for my Mom to buy it for me. She eventually did and then altered it to fit me and it was FABULOUS! I loved that dress so much….I ran around the house in it all year round, but it did make the best witches dress ever! LOL!

Do you have any favorite Halloween Traditions?
Decorating the interior of my home and pumpkin carving are my all time favorites!

Where do you find your inspiration?
For me, inspiration can come from almost anywhere and can strike at any moment too! For example, I like to write little rhyming verses that go with the little ones. One day, when I opened the door to go downstairs…it let out a big squeak! Immediately, the words began to flow in my head and before I had reached the bottom of the stairs I had the first verse to the following poem.

I hear the creaking of the floorboard
And the squeak of a distant door
There's something coming down the hallway
But I can't say anymore
I fear that it may hear me
I can barely take a breath
My heart is beating wildly
And I'm scared half to death
I wonder what it could be
A Monster from under the bed
Or maybe it's nothing really
And just a Monster in my head

Of course, I then created a series of dolls called “Monsters From Under the Bed”, which I plan on adding to again soon. It also illustrates how the simplest thing, like a squeaky door, can inspire an entire series of dolls.

What are your artistic plans for the future?
Oh my…the sky’s the limit on this one! I will definitely continue to create my dolls and I’d like to explore new ways for them (and myself as an artist) to evolve.

Also, I was a painter and illustrator for 16 years prior to creating the little enchanted ones, so I think I’d like to start illustrating some of my characters that I’ve conjured up and who knows…there might even be some Halloween children's books in the future.

"Open the Vault" - tell us a secret that not many people know about you.
Well…I hate spiders, I love thunderstorms and I still wish I could dress up and go door to door trick-or-treating every year! There’s just a little kid in me that will never outgrow the fun of Halloween!

How do you balance your personal/professional life?
Balance? What’s that? LOL! My family always comes first, but being a full time doll artist and working from home makes it very difficult for me to completely separate myself from my work. Someone always needs an eye or an arm sewn on, so I always find myself sewing at odd hours of the day and night/7 days a week.

Seriously, I feel as though I’ve been given this wonderful opportunity in life to share my fun and spooky work with others, who love Halloween as much as I do. So, I really have been focusing a lot of time and energy into the little enchanted ones during the last few years.

What shows will you be participating in this year?
When I was a painter, I used to participate in a lot of art shows and gallery openings and loved every minute of it. I always loved meeting the collectors in person and even though I haven’t participated in a show in almost 5 years…you just never know what the future may hold.

See more of Joyce's work at the following website:

Her Halloween themed work can also be found on eBay by using the acronym "EHAG" in your eBay searches.


Johanna Parker said...

Great interview Joyce!.... You are such a creative genius :) Love your unique, one of a kind dolls....

~ Johanna

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WooHoo! I knew this would be a great interview because you are so good with words Joycee! ;o) you know how much that Halloween outfit would be worth today?! =D


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What a fun interview! :-)

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Great interview, love all your characters. Linda:)

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GREAT stuff from one of my favorite EHAG artists! JoycEE I still adore my 2 dolls, shelf sitter, and ornie from you!

SpOOky CK >:-)

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Nice one Joyce...thanks for the read!

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Great interview, was funto learn more about you Joycee!

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I love all your creations Joyce and never tire of looking at them!!!

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Love this interview! Joyce, you are so incredible.. your dolls are magical! LOVE that halloween costume haha man why can't they make those anymore?!!

amazing work!!