Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interview with Flora Thompson of Bone Head Studios...

Flora Thompson is the imaginative artist behind the Texas-based
Bone Head Studios

Her unique sculptures can be found both on eBay and Etsy under her ID:

How would you describe your work?
I'm a bit eclectic, but "Creepy Cute" is what usually fits the bill.

How long have you been creating Halloween-themed art?
In a really odd coincidence, around 2008 I remember thinking how wonderful it would be to just do Halloween themed items. And, low and behold an opportunity opened up for me to do just that!! Although, I did sell some Halloween items on Ebay in 2007.

What do you consider your greatest creative challenge?
This may not be what you were referring to, but I find that my greatest creative challenge is to work with deadlines... I HATE time constraints.

What do you like most about being a member of EHAG?
I am always in awe that I'm in such great company. Everyone's an inspiration.

What was your favorite childhood costume, and why?
I actually don't have any real memories of a favorite costume, but I do remember that they would never fit very well and tore easily.

Do you have any favorite Halloween Traditions?
One of my most favorite traditions is putting together a Halloween basket, kinda like an Easter basket. It came about because a lot of our old neighbors had moved and the newer ones seemed to shun Halloween. My son was still little, and I didn't want him to be disappointed with the poor participation and lack of treats. Even though Halloween has made a comeback in our neighborhood, my son still loves his basket.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I usually just sketch faces and add to them. They go through a lot of changes and don't always look like the original sketches when I'm done. Lately, I see faces/figures in the marble tiles in our bathroom, but I also see them in everyday items. I don't always wear my glasses, so sometimes I see things that really aren't what they are. Mostly, they just come from my mind's eye.

What are your artistic plans for the future?
I just take it a day at a time...I'm hoping to get up enough nerve to go to an art retreat or something all by myself.

"Open the Vault" - tell us a secret that not many people know about you.
Ahahaha, then it wouldn't be a secret would it? real secret, but I'm afraid of heights.

How do you balance your personal/professional life?
When I do learn to do that, you will be the first to know.

See more of Flora's work at these following websites:

Her Halloween-themed work can also be found on eBay by using the acronym "EHAG" in your eBay & Etsy searches.


Johanna Parker said...

It's fun to get to know you better Flora! Your art is so fresh and fun :)

Thanks for the interview,
~ Johanna

by Wendy Leaumont said...

Fun interview! Great questions! I aspire to attain your skill level, Flora!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Johanna for the great job on the interview, your art is always a delight to behold, Thanks again!!!
Awww Wendy, what a sweet thing to say!!! I have to tell you I'm very envious of your digital graphic talents!!!

Daydreamer :) said...

Loved the interview. I adore Flora. She is one of the kindest souls I've ever encountered. I LOVE her work, but her heart is what really impresses me.
H :)

Iva Wilcox of Iva's Creations said...

It's great getting to know you better Flora. Your work is wonderful and so detailed! I also like seeing your works in progress when you had posted some on your blog. Thanks for sharing about yourself!
~ Iva

yoborobo said...

Flora is one of the nicest and most talented people out there. It's good to get to know her a little better. :) Pam

Sandra said...

Congratulations Flora...your work rocks! And you are one of the nicest folks I know. Thanks for inspire us all!

Carolee said...

Flora, your work is just amazing, and it's a treat to get to know you better!! Great interview!!

Lisa said...

Flora, you are a spirit of true abundance, in all. I've never heard your voice, but I always imagine it when I read your words. Thanks for all of your inspiration.

Wonderful interview,

Lisa J said...

Yeah Flora love your work!

Fantasy Whispers - Vania Cruz-Perez said...

I love your work Flora!!!! Your work is fantastic!!!
I love to read Artists interviews, like that we get to know more about them.


Bonnie Jones said...

Flora is a wonderful person and artist. As I have often told her, she stands at the top when it comes to her artistic endeavors.

Flora said...

Thanks SO MUCH for all the sweet sweet comments from everyone, especially you dear Bonnie.

Ginny Diezel said...

Flora, it is an absolute pleasure to know you! Your work is stellar, and I know that it comes from your heart! You always want the best for others, including your fellow artists. Bravo to you for a well-deserved spotlight! xoxo, Ginny

snippetgirl said...

Flora, I ADORE your work!!! Your imagination is awe inspiring, and your skill is amazing! I always look forward to seeing what you will surprise us with.
Excellent interview!
Purrs, Carrie

The Vintage Sister said...

Great interview Flora! I love your work:)

Flora said...

I am so blessed to have everyone of you awesome ladies as friends,
Thanks so much for your kind and wonderful words.