Monday, April 12, 2010

Black & White Fright!

What's BLACK & WHITE and spooky all over? Well, it's the bold, Halloween folk art collectibles that are being created by the talented artists of EHAG for May's Challenge! Stay tuned for black cats and bats atop contrasting fields of white, thick and thin flowing lines, black and white illustrations and dimensional designs ALL created in the name of BLACK & WHITE FRIGHT! The artists of EHAG will begin to post their marvels in black & white during the first week of May. Starting May 1st, please visit eBay and Etsy and search "EHAG" for a bold array of frightfully fun, one of a kind designs! Also, make sure to visit the various websites and/or blogs of our EHAG members who opt to offer their Black & White creations on their individual selling sites. A list of our artist members can be found here on the right sidebar...

{Spooky banner, designed by EHAG's Melissa Valeriote}

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