Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Make Witch Hats

I've had some folks asking me how to make witch hats lately,
so I thought I'd put together a little How-To.
Let me note that I'm sure there are a gazillion ways to make tiny pointy hats (probably some methods that are much better than mine), but this is how I go about it.
That said, Here goes:
-Sewing machine (or a needle and thread)
-Cardstock or a cereal box
-Cotton (Warm 'n' Natural is best) batting
-Fabric glue
-Paper towel
1) I cut an oval brim out of cardstock (a cereal box works great too) to fit the dolly in need of a hat. I do this by just sorta eye-balling it and trimming a little here and there til it's right.
2) Trace your cardstock brim onto cotton batting and cut out.


3) Glue your cardstock brim to a scrap of muslin. When dry, cut it out.


4) Stitch up a triangle from muslin. Make the bottom edge about the same measurement as the outside of the brim.


5) Turn your triangle inside out and stuff lightly with a paper towel.


6) Holding your triangle like an ice cream cone, feed tip of hat through brim (cloth side toward tip of hat) til the cone is a nice fit all around. Then snip down to brim every quarter inch or so.

7) Using fabric glue, stick your little tabs down
like so-
8) Snip off edges of tabs.
9) Glue cotton batting piece on the brim, covering your little tabby things.
Now your hat is ready for painting!


10) Using acrylic paints, paint your hat however you like. This little witch is partial to teal. After drying, I lightly sand and then stain with burnt umber. When that's dry I sand again, and add a little hat band.


You can get as creative as you want. No one says witch hats have to be black. Why not polka dots? Or beaded? Maybe her hat band is glittery, or covered in silk flowers. So many possiblities!


Now you try!


(posted By Jo from CartBeforeTheHorse)


Iva's Creations said...

Wow Joee! Thank you so much for sharing. Can I take a class from you? Please?!! Wonderful how-to photos also!!

Sweet B Folk Art said...

What a wonderful tutorial! - I am going to try it this weekend.

Thank you!

- Sweet B

Linda said...

Enjoyed the how to Halloween Hat, Wish I'd seen it before I tried to make my full size version for a party a few years ago, took ages, but was mighty fine witch attire in the end, sporting a raven on brim, and hanging bats and spiders.
Love the Blog and your Work.

mrsb said...

I think this might be the best blog ever!

I'm looking for "guest" bloggers to show how to do a craft on my blog during October. I'm doing a "31 Days of Halloween" event. If anyone's interested please let me know.

I don't think I've ever seen so many amazing things on one blog!